Striding Into a New Year: Mrs. Esqueda


Mrs. Esqueda

Evanie Adame, Reporter

Being welcomed into Selma High this year is Mrs. Esqueda. She is in charge of the newly re-established reading intervention class, accessible to all grades. She first started out as a primary teacher at Wilson Elementary before discovering the joys of reading intervention.
“It’s funny because I thought I was going to be a fourth grade teacher when I first started. Once I learned how much I loved reading, my career just always surrounded that,” Mrs. Esqueda explained.
Having only worked in primary school for the majority of her career, the leap to high school was an exciting new environment. However, it wasn’t a spontaneous decision. Mrs. Esqueda has expressed her wish to help those in need of guidance and found the right place to do so.
“I always had that piece that wanted to help students,” said Mrs. Esqueda.
And help she does as, she dutifully prepares her students for the rest of their high school experience and following them into the adult world. Mrs. Esqueda highlights everyday with goals to fulfill, for both her and her students. Some of these goals include reviewing the Bear 5’s or making sure to start the day with a positive growth mindset.
But that’s not all, even off-campus, Mrs. Esqueda fills her days with learning and research as she constantly strives to do the best she can in her field of study and more.
“I’m studying essentially how to help teachers to be better at their craft, specifically with social-emotional learning supports. I don’t know what I can learn or study after that, but I’m sure I can find something,” Mrs. Esqueda states.
Mrs. Esqueda carries over this ambition into her job as a teacher as well. As previously stated, the reading intervention program hadn’t been active for a while. She valiantly hopes to get it up and running to the best it can be. Mrs. Esqueda works through tedious trial and error in an effort to make sure her students know that they have the support they need.
“I really would love to be able to create this space that students know that when they are enrolled in this class, they are going to come to an instructor that is invested in their learning, but also that they know that there’s intentionality, that they’re here for a purpose and they’re gonna get support,” Mrs. Esqueda declared.
Mrs. Esqueda plans to work hard and dedicate herself fully for the support of her students and the love of her job.