Selma High Welcomes Mrs. Rodriguez


Mrs. Rodriguez

Avnique Gill, Reporter

Selma High is excited to welcome Mrs. Rodriguez as its new medical occupation teacher.
Not only is it her first year teaching at Selma High, but it’s also her first year teaching overall.
However it’s not Mrs. Rodriguez’s first time working in Selma. She has previously worked for Selma through a family healthcare network, however she says it was not that great of an experience for her and that she’s glad to come back to help the Selma community in a different way.
Mrs. Rodriguez explains why she became a medical occupation teacher. “The medical field is my passion due to covid the medical field has changed, and I feel like this way I can still feed my passion and start from the beginning.”
She says she hopes that she can encourage kids to start thinking more about their futures now even if they don’t plan on going into the medical field .
Mrs. Rodriguez states that she enjoys her position as a teacher because of how much she loves to see when kids get involved and are interested in her class. Along with this, she enjoys seeing teachers really care for their students.
Mrs. Rodriguez came from an active medical field to a classroom. When asked about the change of environment she admits that, “It’s nice, it’s a lot more laid back compared to the chaotic hours working in the medical field.”
Some of her favorite parts of teaching are when she gets to talk to students and get to know them, with this she enjoys to see when the kids in her class can answer questions she gives them with the information that they have learned in class.
She confesses that one of the most challenging parts of her job is getting the kids that don’t want to learn, nor want to be in her class,engaged in what she has to teach them.
When Mrs. Rodriguez was in high school, not only did she do folklore dancing, she also helped teach it.
According to her students she is a fun teacher that tries to get her students involved in her class. With this, her students say she always takes her time to make sure that they learn the material that they need to pass the class
When she first came to Selma High, she had not only the staff, but she also had her students to welcome her with open arms into the Selma High Bear family.