Daisy’s Delicacies


Valentine’s Day cake pops by Daisy!

Jasmeen Kaur, Reporter/Photo Editor

Craving freshly baked, delicious cake pops? Well, a junior at Selma High has a small baking business which can satisfy that craving. Daisy Hernandez Mendoza mostly sells cake pops, but also other baked goods. She sells a wide variety of flavors, some including birthday cake, red velvet, and chocolate cake pops. In addition to that, she bakes sweet treats like brownies, churro cheesecakes, and tres leches cakes. Her skills in baking are loved by her customers.
Hernandez was inspired by her friends to begin this business. She originally baked with passion for her friends who loved her mouthwatering treats.
“I started making them just for my friends and they told me that people would buy them, they’re really good,” expresses Mendoza.
Her friends were able to spark her business. Consequently, Mendoza bakes during her own time. She is content to share that her business is going great. It’s a minimalistic way for her to earn some money and follow her passions.
One of her customers, Eduardo Soria mentions his love for her cake pops. He describes his fondness of the coating and soft cake on the inside.
“My favorite flavor was birthday cake,” shared Soria.
If you consider buying Daisy’s treats, you can locate her @daisyyspops on Instagram.