Poetry Corner

The Wonder of Words and Faults of the Mind

Evanie Adame, Reporter

From mind to paper, writing has always intrigued me. The way a well-written sentence flows and moves through pages all emerging from my thoughts is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. I have spent a great deal of my life reading words, yet it wasn’t until recently that I took the time to study them, how certain words can be so short yet say so much, how they can enhance and define all at once. I love the beauty of poetry and the various meanings hidden within, and the rhythm to tie it all in, yet I remain afraid to truly explore the wonders of pretty writing as I’ll never regard myself ready to attempt such a feat. If one were to dig deeper, they would find my trepidation culminating in fear of failure. I hesitate to ever think that I could ever write such wonders as I have read. This agitation keeps me from creating my own words and stories and this scares me even more.
However, I refuse to let this stop me any longer.
Since my revelation, I have joined my school newspaper in hopes of gaining confidence in myself and my neglected skill. My wish is that it will give me the push I desperately need to bloom into my capabilities if I just tried.
So far it has already put me to the test, forcing me to adapt to different writing styles for the competitive world of journalism. Time will only tell if this endeavor will be my saving grace or push me down further. Yet I can already tell with the knowledge I’m absorbing, be it through my regular reading or the skills taught in class, I’m slowly growing into a stronger writer. But in spite of that, the daunting task of my personal writing still looms before me. I have yet to find the courage to put my ideas into words as the thought of failing to do my stories justice holds me back. I find myself thinking that maybe it’s finally time to put my motto into practice; take it one step at a time. I simply need to write.
And write I shall in the stolen hours between school and homework when I can simply sit down and be while surrounded by my own swirling thoughts and passion, working against my fleeting motivation.