Baskin Robbins Flavor of the Month: Spicy ‘n Spooky

Lovleen Sahota and Celeste Mariscal

Celeste Mariscal

Peaking into the theme of Halloween, this month’s ice cream definitely came in with one of the spookiest flavors yet. One I can tell you, it indeed stuck to its title. The flavor gave a great scare with a twist. The first scoop was very tasteful between the mixture of the nice original vanilla and chocolate. Until the taste of REAL Ghost pepper kicked in!
I am a fan of spicy foods, however the combination of sweet ice cream does not compel my appetite with a scare to my taste buds. If you are up for a challenge, stop by for a little trick or treat. I would rate the flavor of the month a 2/10.

Lovleen Sahota

When I say that this ice cream flavor was not it, it’s not an inflated statement. This October, Baskin-Robbins dares you to taste its new Flavor of the Month, Spicy ‘n Spooky. It combined the unexpected flavors of white chocolate ghost pepper with dark chocolate ice cream and spicy blood orange flakes. Now you may be fooled by the looks of the ice cream itself, but don’t be! This ice cream has left a stain on my tastebuds. Initially, the taste isn’t terrible but as you continue to relish and soak the flavor in, that’s when it (the spice) gets you! For someone who has a major sweet tooth, this “ice cream” was deceptive and leaves an off-putting taste! I would rate this flavor a solid 1.5/10— and trust me I’m being generous. Not recommended! *thumbs down*