Ask Klarissa

Klarissa, Reporter

1. Thoughts on Winter?
Literally the best season ever. You can wear hoodies, long sleeves, UGGS, and everyone’s outfits are just better. In conclusion, winter>>

2. Is Drake better than Kanye West?
Both equally make me cringe but I prefer Kayne’s music. Red flag? Maybe, but who cares?

3. Worst song ever made in your opinion?
Any song on the Certified Lover Boy album by Drake. Sorry not sorry.

4. What song would you play if you had the AUX?
This is a really good one. Hmm… I’d say Pyramids by Frank Ocean.

5. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?
I’d probably adopt a giraffe then go through the Mcdonald’s drive-thru and drink a Sprite.

6. What is your opinion of marshmallows in hot chocolate?
I’m not a big fan of hot chocolate, but put marshmallows on top and it’ll be gone in less than 10 seconds flat.

7. What is life and how do I get through it?
First, are you okay and do we need to set up a meeting with Jeter? Second, I don’t think I can explain it. One day we just popped out and our parents were like, “Okay, now learn to talk and walk,” you know? The best way to get through it is to surround yourself with people that lift you up and people that you know can do the same.

8. Why do we feel the need to thrive off of other people’s energy?
I don’t think it’s a need. I like to believe that it’s just common human sense to sympathize. If you don’t then maybe we may need to get you a therapist.