Baskin Robbins Flavors’ of the Month: May


Sakshi Palav enjoying ice cream.

Sakshi Palav and Diana Garza


Hey guys! Since this is our last Baskin Robbins Review as Clarion’s 2021-2022 Co-Editors-In-Chief, we decided to live on the wild edge and try two different flavors so we can end our final BR review with a bang!


Diana Garza 

There’s a reason pancakes are served hot. They’re simply stale and become soggy if cold. The Breakfast in Bed Flavor of the Month was a big miss. At first the maple syrup ice cream was quite satisfying, mixing well with the fruity blueberry swirl. However I was taken back by the cold, mushy, and chunky pancake pieces. Imagine enjoying a sweet creamy ice cream, only to take a bite of grainy bread. This flavor really disappointed me. I usually enjoy maple and fruity flavors—I probably would have loved this ice cream—but the pancake bites really ruined it for me. The Breakfast in Bed Flavor of the Month deserves a 1/10.

Sakshi Palav

I have come to the conclusion that I am, above anything else, simply an ice cream hater. This flavor was supposed to be taro flavored, like the fruit. However, the flavor was way too caramelly to mimic the natural sweetness of a calm fruit like taro. I strongly disliked it. It was way too sweet to be a fruit flavored ice cream, and it also had random taro flavored syrup globs. These globs added nothing. It was just unnecessary overpowering bites of liquid sugar that tasted nothing like taro fruit. But, I will say, even though the ice cream didn’t live up to my standards of how taro ice cream should taste, the flavor itself was not horrible. It’s just not something I would typically go for because of how extremely sweet it was, but if that’s what you guys like, go try it out. Overall, I would give it a solid 4/10. I’ve had worse, but I’ve also had better. I hope you guys have liked my ice cream reviews this year. It’s been lovely:)