Imprinted Beauties From the Last Four Years


Diana Garza

Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

Beauty can be defined by the laughter that’s erupted from quintessential mundanities and smiles radiating simplicity. It’s born from mutual complaints and the shared complexities of emotions. These moments define life, giving meaning to existence. 

Although high school has proved to be less than fun, it has gifted me some truly beautiful moments. Since freshman year I’ve had the honor of being best friends with Reyna and Alondra. These friendships are dear to my heart, providing consistency in an overwhelming world. Layered with anger, excitement, and the exuberance of an era coming to an end—our present is a chaotic masterpiece. Our adolescence was a great manifesto, and it has come to completion by the means of passion.

Gone are the days of predictability, because our futures are on hold. We face endless decisions in contrast to the last four years of blind regularity. While I can already see the prosperities which follow graduation, it’s still strange to leave the warm embrace of familiarity. I find myself understanding the idea of a “new hope,” allowing my heart to be pulled by the invisible string whose tug I’ve been forced to ignore. Graduation Day is fulfilling, but also the relief of brusque burdens. 

I applaud my teachers, because it is their genuinity that brought significance to my education. The absurdity of the College Board and systemic grading was bearable due to their enthusiasm.

I’m not thankful for high school, but I do savor the loveliness which has been born from the institution. There is unimaginable knowledge and experiences awaiting, but because of the last four years I’m my most willing self. If it wasn’t for the outrageousness of high school, I wouldn’t have reason to understand or fight against the monopoly of authority. However, I also wouldn’t appreciate compassion and its crucial role in society. 

I’m off to college now, which is still odd to say. I don’t think time flew or anything of the sort. It’s simply strange that Graduation Day is in a near tangible reality. Graduation has always seemed like a far away myth, but here I am getting ready to wear a cap and gown. I won’t look back and there’s no regrets. 

Goodbye to the beauty in Selma High, your impressions were great and their magnificence has been impressed into my being.