Ask Klarissa

Klarissa, Reporter

  1. What’s the best movie to ever be made? Despicable Me. Hands down. Despicable Me is the most beautifully crafted movie that exists in this lifetime. 
  2. Is it a red flag that my girlfriend has eyes? Of course it is! What other guys is she trying to see with those eyes????? 
  3. Can I take you on a date? No. I don’t date uglies. Sorry, rules are rules. 
  4. How do you get an ex to stop being obsessed with you? You can’t. You’re just too good. They realized what they lost and now they have to live with it. Just make sure you don’t give in, bae. You’re better than that. 
  5. How do I get my grade to go up ASAP? You don’t. You lost. Accept it. Move on. 
  6. What is the best sport overall? The sport of waking up at 7:30 am and rushing to get to school on time.