Baskin Robbins Flavor of the Month: Golden Oreo Irish Cream


Sakshi Palav and Diana Garza enjoy their ice cream.

Sakshi Palav and Diana Garza

Sakshi Palav 

First things first, I despise coffee with a passion. I don’t like the bitter taste or smell, and I will never understand the world’s intense obsession with it. It is, objectively, horrible. I was taught to never call food disgusting, so I will use horrible instead. This ice cream, low and behold, had a strong coffee flavor. It was like a Starbucks latte exploded in the factory they concocted this flavor in. I did not like it, not a single bit. Although, I will say that the little bits of graham crackers in the ice cream was pretty ingenious and added the perfect crunch to the ice cream. Since I liked the cracker bits, I won’t say I didn’t like it at all, but I genuinely would not recommend this. Not liking coffee is an acquired taste, so I know some of you weirdos would probably love this coffee flavored ice cream. But for me, I have to pass on this Golden Oreo Irish Cream flavor of the month. Call me a hater, but I give it a 1/10. 


Diana Garza 

While I was expecting more chocolate and cookies, the April Flavor of the Month did not disappoint. The Golden Oreo Irish Cream ice cream was Baskin Robbins’ ode to St. Patrick’s Day. Advertised as an Irish cream flavored ice cream containing Belgian chocolate, Graham crackers, and golden oreos, the flavor simply consisted of a coffee like taste. Since coffee is arguably one of my favorite things on Earth, I definitely enjoyed this ice cream. It may have not tasted like all the promised flavors, but the relaxed creamy texture was a real treat. The Graham cracker and Oreo layers were not super crunchy or sticky, but rather light on the tongue. There was also an agile coat of chocolate which went well with the coffee tasting ice cream. The Golden Oreo Irish Cream ice cream has accumulated a generous 6/10.