Selma High Supports Small Businesses


Tiffany Brablec’s products.

Denise Venegas, Reporter/Photo Editor

Through the recent years, multiple students have commenced a small business out of something that began as a hobby. Selma High is proud to promote these businesses in hopes of allowing these students the recognition they deserve. Though many businesses vary in merchandise, the following students focus on jewelry and crystals. Crystals have become such a popular trend and it is no doubt that many fellow students are searching for good quality, yet affordable products. 

If you’re in search of custom made jewelry, Handmade by Belle is the place for you.

“I make everything by hand; wire wrapped rings, crystal necklaces, bracelets, etc,” mentions freshman Angelina Coppola about her business. 

She found herself making rings as a hobby, then others began asking for a variation of items. 

“My business allows me to do what I love and be creative, while also being able to share it with others,” she adds on. 

You can find more about her business on Instagram @handmadeby.belle.

If you are interested in a variety of products, @maiyasjewelry on Instagram is a great choice. Freshman Maiya Cooper started her business in 2020 and has progressed her salesmanship since. With support from her brother, she has received the motivation to keep her business moving along everyday.

“I sell crystal chip bracelets, beaded necklaces, earrings, charm bracelets, and keychains,” states Maiya. 

The prices range from $5-$15, depending on the product. 

“I take cash, Cashapp, and Venmo,” she remarks on her payment methods.

As a result of the growing crystal trend, many people began to pursue merchandising healing crystals. One of these people is senior Aries Murillo,

“Healing crystals are great for emotional and spiritual healing, as well as improving your energy,” mentions Aries. “I sell a variety of crystal tumbles, raw stones, necklaces, etc.”

She wishes to grow her business overall as well as spread the word about what she sells. To find more information, you can visit @aucrysalss on Instagram.

Aside from jewelry and crystals, junior Tiffany Brablec shares her graphic design business, Designers Studio HQ, with us. Her prices vary depending on the size you’d like your portrait.

“I sell sketches sized 3×5 for $1, 5×7 for $2, and 8.5×11 for $3,” Tiffany mentions. “Just send me a message of what you’d like me to draw and I’ll do it as long as it’s school appropriate,” she includes. You can find more about her sketches and designs on @mediocresquidward on Instagram.