Choir Program Welcomes Back a Bear


Mr. Flores

Victoria Juarez, Editorial Editor

The future of the Choir Program looks promising as a new teacher steps up to the plate: Jorge Flores.

Mr. Flores is a first time teacher and a former Selma High student. Graduating Selma High in 2017 and continuing his education at Fresno State, Mr. Flores always knew his path was to become a music educator. 

“When I was in high school I took on leadership positions for band and choir and it became who I was. It came a little natural to me and I liked that I was helping students,” says Flores.

Mr. Flores has many hopes and priorities set in motion with the upcoming year, but his main focus at the moment is the Choir Club. The club was mostly created due to a lack of choir courses this year and the fact that there is no pressure or stress involved. 

“I wanted to give students, especially seniors, an opportunity to perform,” expresses Flores.

Starting next semester, the choir program will return in full motion, but for the meantime, joining the choir club is a fun way of checking it out before fully committing to the program. 

On Thursday, March 24th, Mr. Flores hosted a karaoke event in the quad during lunch. The event is a common event done at Abraham Middle School and is open to any students and staff members that want to perform. 

“I really want to focus on getting the program running again. Starting next year, I really want to have bigger festivals outside of Fresno county, maybe even go on a choir tour. Regardless of the numbers I know that we can create music,” exclaims Flores.

To join the choir, you do not have to know music, just want to know it. Students are not obligated to pursue a career in music in order to participate in the program, but they should be open to new opportunities. If you are interested in joining the program, see Mr. Flores before school in the choir room to fill out the interest form.