Managing Shifts Into the Future


Celeste Mariscal, Feature Editor/Copy Editor

Time is ticking forward not backward. The future comes closer and closer into the minds of high school students, increasing their tension.

Since the first day of school we have been asked,  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As much as being a doctor, police officer, or a lawyer sounds fun, a manager of a store,or restaurant, or your own business takes place into a successful career path as well. 

Robert Luna, who is currently a general manager in the Wendy’s restaurant of Selma, has found the experience an opportunity to learn different aspects as a hard worker and as a person outside of the restaurant. He has currently been in the position for about six months and has reached different goals, views he would have never thought of as he learns through the path of responsibilities. 

“Patience is the most important thing as a manager, as a leader, ” stated Luna.

Becoming a manager has to come with a stable and positive mindset ready to work with your coworkers. Many students and young adults walk into restaurants like Wendy’s in hopes of attaining their first job. The title upholds more than just the label itself. Managers aren’t like crew members who just have to worry about coming in on time. They have to take into consideration the example they are setting, making sure everything is done correctly, safely, and efficiently. 

Robert has walked into the position with an expectation to strive. 

“My motivation is my family, as I come from a family of management,” Luna proudly recognizes. 

He has slowly taken the time to be able to reach his goal of being a manager as he follows the footsteps of the influential individuals in his family. His experience is just the beginning as he learns throughout his time to progress into a better leader and who would soon be able to show upcoming managers. 

From learning to making schedules to adjusting into responsibilities, he has taken some tips into his life outside of work.

 “Being here at Wendy’s made me look at food differently, ” stated Luna, “Putting food away at the right time at my house like cheese, making sure I even throw it away on the right day too.” 

Being surrounded by the expectations from work can provide a beneficial routine into your lifestyle. The experience doesn’t have to be recognized just at work. You learn something new everyday and can evolve into something greater when taken into consideration.

Luna always enjoys to see his customers and potential workers walk into the restaurant. He uses the opportunity to create a connection other than taking a simple order. 

“Positive vibes, always happy, it’s what you want to see in a person,” expresses Luna.

Everyone has their own personality and expression, however being a hard worker is what will give you the opportunity for a chance in receiving a job. Luna has been approached by  several interested workers. 


“You can tell how someone works by the way they walk towards you. If you see the lean, dragging feet, then you know the type of coworker they will be,” emphasizes Luna.

HINT! Once you walk into the door is when your interview starts, your representation. Getting hired is the first step and most difficult part when reaching into the manager position. It may take time just like any other job, however patience and dedication will drive you into slowly reaching your goal. 

If you are interested in having a head start into your career path, Robert Luna proudly presents, “If you guys want to work at Wendy’s, come talk to Robert Luna, and we will get you in!”