Flavor of the Month


Sakshi shows her enjoyment for the new flavor.

Diana Garza and Sakshi Palav

Diana Garza 

Sadly, the March Flavor of the Month wasn’t in stock yet. But Sakshi and I did try Secret Admirer, one of Baskin Robbins new flavors. The ice cream contained vanilla and strawberry, but didn’t necessarily taste like the two categories. The vanilla was rich and creamy, however, it’s sweetness wasn’t overpowering. I tend to shy away from strawberry ice cream, but this flavor wasn’t loaded with artificial coloring. Instead the strawberry portions mixed quite delightfully with the vanilla, introducing a fresh taste to the sweet vanilla. This flavor was good, but it wasn’t great. Our waffle cones definitely lifted it up, but nothing really stood out for me. I give Secret Admirer a 5/10.


Sakshi Palav 

Since Diana and I went to try the Flavor of the Month on March 1st, Baskin Robbins had not yet received the March flavor, so we were given the second February surprise flavor instead. This flavor, Secret Admirer, was impressive right off the bat simply because of its adorable name. The name was just the perfect, most fitting February flavor name. So, I was instantly sold. On top of the already charming name, the ice cream was a beautiful, vibrant pink and red mix with vanilla and strong strawberry flavor. Call me easily impressed, but I enjoy things for the experience I’m sold. I got this stunning bright pink and red ice cream in a waffle cone, it had an appealing name, AND IT TASTED GOOD?!  I’m sold. It was a flavor that’s already done, but it had a new whimsical twist of vanilla bits and strong strawberry. Even with the enhanced flavors, the ice cream was not too sweet at all. It was a perfect balance. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This ice cream gets a well earned 10/10.