Mariah Gonzalez

Mariah shows off her variety of phone charms.

Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

In recent months, it’s likely you’ve seen vibrant chunky beads hanging on the side of phones. These are phone charms—a new take on the early 2000’s recycled fashion trend. The cute charms have made their way into social culture, where Mariah Gonzalez has realized their profit. On top of schoolwork, sports, and social engagements, sophomore Mariah Gonzales also runs a small business selling her phone charms. 

“I realized I already had all the materials to make them,” explained Gonzalez. “I started just making them for fun to give to my friends for free, until they gave me the idea to start selling them.” 

Gonzalez is not new to business, she’s grown up watching her mom pursue her own side craftsmanship. Mariah’s mother is also a huge supporter, encouraging her daughter to be active. 

“My inspiration is my mom,” said Mariah. “She has always been an entrepreneur and has different side hustles. She always made it seem fun.” 

It’s clear Gonzalez enjoys her work. She has fun experimenting with new material in her free time. However with so many activities in her life, it can also be demanding. 

“It can be a handful at some points—with juggling homework and sports—but if you keep an organized schedule it becomes less stressful,” described Gonzalez.

Mariah only began selling her phone charms a few months ago, but she’s quickly found inspiration in her work. 

“I sell mainly to students at school, or anyone in the Selma area,” she continued. “My goals are to have my product all over Selma. It’s fun being able to see my charms on others’ phones.” 

Mariah takes pride in her work, she enjoys making her customers happy and confident with their new accessories. Anyone in the area can purchase from Mariah. Head over to her social media @mariahegonzales and send her a message. 

“They tell me what colors they like, length, custom sayings, and beads. I make a charm to their liking and let them know the price!” 

Mariah Gonzalez’s phone charms are the perfect addition to any lonely phone. Her hard work has made the journey joyful, motivating Mariah to continue exploring and upgrading her product.