Ask Klarissa


How is my favorite audience doing? I’ve been pretty stressed guys. Too much senioritis on the brain. *Gasp* Did I just reveal another clue? I think I just did. Anyways, onto this month’s pressing questions. 



  • Is breathing valid?
    Depends on who’s doing it.    
  • Have you ever experienced paranormal activity? 
    I actually have! One time I awoke from my deep slumber to see a ghost standing next to me. All he said was, “Klarissa, you’re just so darn funny,” and strolled over yonder.  
  • My friends pick on me way too much. What should I do? 

Drop the whole friend group. No friend is worth questioning your own comfort and confidence. Kinder souls are on their way to connect with you as you read this. This is a Klarissa promise. 

  • Who’s the wizard that restored Lebron’s hairline? 
    The legend, the queen, and the myth Hannah Montana herself. I thought this was common knowledge.  
  • Superman or Spiderman?
    Spiderman because anyone can be super, but not everyone can be half spider.