Sneakers Steal Selma High’s Attention


Photo contributed by Anastasia Drolette

Anastasia Drolette, Reporter

Being teenagers, I think we can collectively agree on how much time and effort school takes up of our lives. With the homework, tests, and extracurriculars we’ve got a lot on our plate. 

Now imagine not only having a job but running an entire business with the continuous stresses of high school. Michael Cooper, a 16-year-old junior here at Selma high, was inspired by a new pair of Jordan shoes; when they didn’t fit, an idea struck in his mind. 

“I was really bummed out at first and I decided just to sell them because I wouldn’t be able to wear them anyways.”

Michael explains, he went online, and in a matter of days, they had sold for double the price.

“That’s when the idea of reselling came to my mind,” he expresses.

The business started as a hobby for Michael, therefore, was developing pretty slowly when he started back in September 2020. It wasn’t something that he had his mind on at the time.

“As I started focusing on it more and more I could definitely see my business starting to progress” he elaborates.

From the beginning, Michael has had all the support from his parents.

“Without them, my business wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Right now, Michael’s sneaker business is doing amazingly, however, Micheal is constantly looking for ways to improve. 

“One thing I know I can improve on is managing my time better.”

He emphasizes the hardship of managing school and work.

“I try and put my school work before anything involving shoes because for me school is more important,” says Michael.

With business, there are always highs and lows. Good days where sales are booming, and bad ones when things aren’t going so great. Instead of letting the lows get to him, Michael takes a more optimistic approach. 

“I try to stay as positive as possible because your mindset is the most important part you should focus on when you’re feeling down. I always tell myself that whatever I’m feeling right now is temporary and it will pass,” states Cooper.

Not only is he good at managing his mental health which is especially important, but he also tries to deal with angered customers as best as he can. 

“I try to be as respectful as I can be because you never truly know what someone is going through in life. I try and see things from their point of view and understand the reason behind their actions,” Michael shares. 

No matter what customer service is the number one priority for him, “no matter who it is.” 

When asked what advice he could give to any trying to start their own business, he says, to start today.

“Many people fail because they keep delaying or putting off something that they said they were going to start but if you actually start today, you are one step ahead of the rest”, states Michael.

Michael loves doing this and he plans to keep his business alive for as long as possible. Michael’s Instagram page is: @snkr_stealzz where he runs his thriving business. He posts his new shoes for sale frequently and would love to make you as fashionable as possible.