‘A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder’ Trilogy Is To Die For


Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

Reading can feel like a tedious task when a book doesn’t grasp your full attention at the start. Sometimes I feel that way, but I usually end up loving it. Some of the greatest books I’ve read so far build the plot up and then get better as the story moves along, certifying my undivided attention. 

That wasn’t the case with the Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Trilogy. I immediately fell in love with the first book, and I made it my mission to finish the rest of the series. 

The YA trilogy by Holly Jackson follows a twisty tale of murder and mystery and how our protaginist, Pippa Fitz-Amobi, or Pip for short, struggles not to lose herself to the enigma that entwines itself to her small home, Fairview, Connecticut. Pip is a senior at Fairview High and has to write her senior capstone project. She decides to center her project around the case that took place five years prior to the start of the story, which followed the death of Andie Bell. Andie had been allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, which then resulted in the death of Singh through suicide. Fairview’s residents had accepted that Singh killed his girlfriend but Pip wasn’t convinced. Her thirst for the truth paved the way for the rest of the storyline. 

Despite her being out and about solving murders and such, a lot of people can relate to Pip, especially other seniors. She stresses about having to manage her over consuming obsession with exposing the truth and having to apply for colleges. She is known as the dedicated straight-A student which surely a lot of people can resonate with. 

Overall, the trilogy is a really addictive and immensefully good read. It’ll make you want to binge-read it after the first few chapters. 

I for sure give it a 10/10.