Baskin Robbins Review: Love Potion

Diana Garza and Sakshi Palav

Diana Garza 

Don’t let the pretty chocolate hearts, and inviting raspberry swirls fool you. The Baskin Robbins February Flavor of the Month, Love Potion, is anything but desirable. Initially the ice cream tasted like cheesecake; however, the next scoop was confusing. The Flavor of the Month seemed to contain more artificial flavoring and colors than actual ice cream. Dark chocolate was woven through the ice cream; however it failed to help the situation. The red dye instead brought up traumatic childhood memories of red cough medicine, and the chocolate chips stuck to my teeth. I would definitely not go back for more, and recommend that nobody tortures their tastebuds with this ice cream. I give this flavor a 3/10. 


Sakshi Palav 

Initially, I was skeptical about any ice cream flavor by the name of ‘potion’ because I have tasted too many potions my little sister has concocted. I know better. But alas, the Baskin Robbins Review comes first. My first reaction was impressive. The ice cream had a very beautiful, stunning appearance. There were pops of red and pink from the raspberry swirls and artificial hearts. The inviting colors gave it a look of Love Potion. At this point, I became excited to try this so-called potion. The first bite was interesting. The dark chocolate bits and the raspberry swirls completed each other perfectly. This ice cream tasted like a raspberry base with chocolate bits, but almost like a coconut base added in somewhere. As I kept tasting and trying, I came to realize I didn’t HATE it. It was a love potion, and potions aren’t meant to taste perfectly perfect. They are more about being pleasing to the eye and artificial to the taste buds. But, since this was ice cream from Baskin Robbins and not some random potion themed candy from a chocolate store, I did expect something a little better. So, I would give this Love Potion a 5/10. It was solid. Nothing too good, nothing too bad.