My Forever Motive


Contributed by Masielle Pantoja

Masielle Pantoja, Reporter/Social Media Editor

What keeps you going? Is there something or someone that makes things worthwhile, and makes you try your very best? For me, things have changed. I’ve had motivations that come and go, some of them have even helped me learn and grow; they push me daily to become a better person. 

During COVID, my forever motive arrived. I had been an only child for 14 years and the arrival of my first and only sibling came with a great extent of responsibilities, as well as a motive that will forever keep me going. 

My sister motivates me each and every single day to become the perfect mold of a role model, for her to look up to. Her presence makes me want to be as good in my academics as possible. I want her to know that doing well in school, having a future in attending college, and having a successful career is important. For those reasons, I strive each day to do the best I can.

Sports have always been important to me, not only because they keep me physically active, but because they are fun to participate in. She helps me strive into being a team player as well as a leader. I am encouraged more than ever to show my little sister that physical activity is important, so that she can stay healthy and have fun in life. Maybe even one day she’ll wear a Selma High or California Odyssey soccer jersey too.

I am encouraged to be strong. I want her to know that she has the strength to overcome anything and everything she puts her mind and heart into. She motivates me in knowing that whatever I do, will help guide her into my same footprints on the righteous path. 

My sister also motivates me to always show my true colors and to be imperfectly perfect. I want her to know that it’s okay to have imperfections. For example, her silly messes from her favorite foods always end up all over her face. Almost symbolizing that it’s okay to make messes or simply be imperfect. 

I never knew such a small being would make such a big impact. I also never knew what it would feel like to have eyes on me at all times for someone to look up to. This has now inspired me to become the person I am today as well the person I will become tomorrow and the upcoming years.