Once a Bear, Always a Bear


Denise Venegas, Reporter/Photo Editor

It amazes me how quickly time flies by, especially in high school. I grew up with the idea that high school was only for “big kids,” and until recently, I realized I had become that young adult I never thought I would come to be. When I was 14, I thought I would have my life put together by my senior year. Unfortunately, I drastically miscalculated my hopes and am still currently searching for my dream. 

Though nobody ever mentions it, high school is so hectic compared to what it was portrayed to be in Victorious or High School Musical. A regular school day for me may not be as chaotic or entertaining as it is in Euphoria, but I’m glad I’ve made it to my final year with many important individuals who helped mold my early stages of success.

My parents may not be able to read this because, hey, I still translate their order at Chipotle.  Regardless, I want to start with both an apology and an appreciation for them. Mom, I’m sorry for always making you call the office saying I’m “sick,” but sometimes, that’s all school made me feel like. The feeling of anxiety rushing through me as I would create unrealistic scenarios of the endless possibilities that could occur on that school day. Nonetheless, I thank my parents and family for assisting me through thick and thin.

A word of advice to those that need it, high school shouldn’t make you feel mentally drained or incapable of prospering. It’s not always easy to ask for a helping hand, but sometimes all we need is a little nudge in the right direction. 

When the pandemic hit toward the end of my sophomore year, I realized that I was wasting time making high school dreadful and wasn’t appreciative of the experiences I was introduced to on a daily basis. Many of us were stripped from various high school experiences due to the pandemic, but hopefully we can overcome the wasted time with what we have left of the year.

Now that the season of college applications is over and I’m in my final semester of high school, I’d like to acknowledge my campus and the people on it a little more. At Selma High I have formed great bonds with classmates and friends who make any situation all the better. My high school experience may not have been exactly as the movies said it would be, but they did promise me I would get the boy in the end. Thank you for keeping that promise, Hollywood!

To the next line of seniors, I encourage you to make your senior year the most memorable since you only get it once…well unless you flunk. Other than that, stay swag and continue to do what makes you happy!