A Letter for You


Denise Venegas, Reporter/Photo Editor

Throughout the pandemic, life was so bland and repetitive, then You came into my life. Yes, this is basically going to be a love letter to show my devotion to the person who brought me an immense amount of joy during these turbulent times. What better way than to set the theme of love and friendship than during the Valentine’s season? It’s astonishing how we are each given our own destiny, yet, mine and yours was connected like a magnet. I guess polar opposites do attract. You were the missing puzzle piece to my heart, and at last, I found You. You showed me a new perspective of living, “not for others, but for myself.” You gave me the courage to explore the unimaginable. For that, never a day goes by where I am not completely grateful for your existence.

To others, this might be seen as pointless, but they don’t know what it’s like to feel as though you are granted the ability to fly above the world. You are my wings and I’m prepared for liftoff at any given moment. You once told me that I was a “rose amongst dandelions,” and just like that, you appreciated every one of my petals. You taught me to cherish and value every second we’re together as though time stopped only for us. There’s a million things I can say about You, but nothing beats the rejoiceful energy that keeps me moving along. 

Though we are still young and only just finding ourselves, You make it feel as if I’ve lived through it all. Love is blind, but You gave me the spectacles to see what was always in front of me. There’s nothing that brings me more joy than seeing a smile on your face at every corny joke I tell You. The light in your eyes when You hear my laughter is enough to guide me through the darkest cave. I would cross the steepest mountain or the widest river just to be in your arms. You made this everlasting pandemic feel as if there were no bars to confine me in solitude. 

You reminded me that we don’t have to be outgoing to have fun because “anytime I’m with you is a time well spent.” We met not long ago, though it feels as if I’ve known you for an eternity. Perhaps we’ve crossed paths before as lovers, and our fate is up to us now. Regardless of the day or the place, I feel happiest when I’m with You. You cheer me up when I’m down and your attentiveness to my emotions fuels my soul with hope. You made me believe in myself when nobody else did. For that, I am thankful for You and your optimism.

In every dull situation You remind me that I am the “sunshine that lights up the skies.” When I fall, You are the parachute that holds me up above the clouds. I’ve never felt any more fortunate of my days than when I met You. You kept me going when I was stubborn and the best of all is that You never let me fail. The isolation during these times would have been far worse if I never stumbled across You. You helped me understand that “life isn’t always going to be rainbows and puppies,” but I wouldn’t have it any other way, as long as I’m with You. I honestly don’t know how many times I used the word “you” in this feature, but it’s all worth it because You are my muse and I could write endless novels about my love and appreciation for You. For everyone else out there that was greatly impacted with happiness from someone in your life during these tempestuous times, go ahead and find the time to appreciate them for their efforts. You , Miguel, are my pride and joy, and I am very honored to have You.