Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Palak Tohan, Co-Editor in Chief/Co-Sports Editor

Valentine’s Day is approaching very quickly with only a couple days left. If you’re still wondering what to get for your loving partner (because you’re a procrastinator like me) some of these ideas may help get that perfect day right! 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

  1. ROSES!!
  2. Candy/Chocolates
  3. Stuffed animals
  4. Personalized Jewelry
  5. Makeup/Perfume
  6. Purse
  7. Cute slippers or shoes
  8. A handwritten love letter
  9. Photos with both of you
  10. Soft blankets 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  1. Cologne
  2. Speaker
  3. Watch
  4. A hoodie of their favorite brand
  5. Wallet 
  6. Chain
  7. Their favorite snacks
  8. Phone case with a Polaroid of you in it
  9. Belt
  10. Shoes