Wuthering Heights: A Worm for Every Book


Art by Denise Venegas

Denise Venegas, Reporter/Photo Editor

Can I just say that Emily Brontë did amazing in pertaining to the vast character development that occurs in the storyline of Wuthering Heights? Told from the perspective of one of the servants at the manor, a gentleman by the name Lockwood writes about the characters that lived at the manor, Wuthering Heights. It focuses on the complexities that come with the differences between social classes and how that affects the romantic connection between the main protagonists, Catherine Earshaw and Heathcliff. The theme of everlasting love and the dilemmas that come with social standards during this time period greatly impact the rollercoaster of emotions this novel made me feel. 

Personally, I loved the way the story is told from another point of view because it connects the reader with the characters that are introduced throughout the chapters. I enjoyed going through the journeys with the main character, Heathcliff, especially since he experienced so much hardships. I would say his childhood greatly affected his character because each bad experience fueled his need for vengeance. Honestly, I felt really bad for many characters who never had the opportunity to indulge a life with their loved ones due to the strong desire for social advancement during this time period.

I believe Heathcliff deserved some resolution that could have possibly allowed him to forgive those who wronged him in the past and to change those similar mistakes in the present. Perhaps, not even forgiveness could mend his damaged heart? Despite this, I liked how there was a happy ending for those who deserved it, however, I feel like many people paid for the consequences of others. If it weren’t for the constant reminder of social classes and the fight for superiority or power, the characters could have lived different lives.

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate Wuthering Heights a 7/10 because it was really entertaining and followed a good plot line, however, I wish that certain characters would have been given the closure they deserved. The tragedies that occurred at Wuthering Heights were very intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the narrator is learning about the story of Wuthering Heights along with the  reader. It adds anticipation for the unknown and how the history behind the manor affects those who visit it. 

Overall, this novel is great, not only for self interest, but to connect with the characters and see their development along the way.