Black Widow: A Movie for Even Non- Marvel Fans


Art by Judith Romero

Judith Romero, Reporter/Photo Editor

From someone who doesn’t keep up with the whole Marvel franchise, this movie was extremely good. I always thought that in order to understand any Marvel movie it was necessary to know some background info on all the movies. However, this wasn’t the case for Black Widow. The plot and basic understanding of the movie was straightforward.

What I liked about it was that they gave us a better understanding of the main characters by adding flashbacks in the beginning of the movie. The way the flashbacks were edited and composed was extremely well made. They added so much detail, which made the film overall more enjoyable. 

The story is about our main character, Natasha, who is an Avenger. Her sister, who she had been separated from, and her parents are all going to team up to fight an evil organization who controls young girls, training them to eventually become a “Widow.” Once a Widow you have no control over your own life and are being controlled to kill and spy. 

On a lighter note, the sister dynamic in this movie perfectly depicts the way siblings act. They make fun of each other while protecting and caring for one another. This, in my opinion, makes the movie relatable for some and it brings humor into the story. In the film, the family time they have is rather bittersweet, for the moments are wholesome as they remember the old times. However, with the viewer knowing the truth beyond all their happy moments is somewhat sad and we can’t help but feel bad for Natasha and her sister. 

Overall this movie was a solid 9/10. From the story and plot to special effects and visuals, this movie is definitely worth watching and is going to be a favorite!