College Tips


Art by Andrew Rodriguez

Andrew Rodriguez, Reporter/Photo Editor

College application deadlines are right around the corner, which means that we seniors have to figure out exactly how we fill out these complex applications. These are some tips to help you on your path to success!


  1. SUBMIT YOUR FAFSA IMMEDIATELY!! The longer you wait to submit your FAFSA, the less financial aid you will receive, regardless of its completion status.
  2. Complete both the 2021-2022 AND 2022-2023 FAFSA applications. Your application WILL NOT be processed to schools without both.
  3. Submit applications early. UC and CSU applications are due by November 30, so submit them early, just in case something goes haywire!
  4. Underclassmen, start researching about what you would like to major in, and which colleges offer the best programs for your major.
  5. Apply to scholarships! Trust me, paying over thousands of dollars for only one year of college is insane. Help your parents out by applying for free money!
  6. Keep track of all your usernames and passwords for all your college accounts by using notes on your phone.
  7. Don’t stress too much about the UC insight questions. There are plenty of other factors that play into your college acceptance.
  8. Be in extracurricular activities! Clubs and sports will definitely look good on college applications.
  9. Ask for Letters of Recommendation early. Do not ask someone to write a Letter of Recommendation a week before it’s due, that is unprofessional and stresses the writer out.
  10. Have your parents help you input financial information for applications because, honestly, it is the biggest part and one of the more extensive processes in any application.


This information came from Selma High’s amazing Mrs. Manter, AVID 12 teacher, and Ms. Loving, our Career Technician and Scholarship Coordinator.