Poetry Corner

By Me


Dear Society, 

You say to have your own opinions;

But to not share them.

To love your body;

But, with the acknowledgment of its flaws and limits.

To have your own style;

But, be prepared for judgment that follows.

To do your best;

But—god forbid—you flaunt it.

To not be insecure;

But you shouldn’t be full of yourself either. 

To be yourself;

But only if it doesn’t offend others.


I’ve learned that you are something

I try to escape from…

But no matter how far I run

I find myself running in circles

Back to the idea of you…


Sometimes I question myself 

Why I do,

And I think that it’s because 

I partially find comfort in you…

Knowing that you’re there,

Whether that be your rooting for me to fail 

Or you giving me a false reality,

That always leaves me to compare…