Senior at Last


Abigail Baker, Reporter

Senior year, the moment that every student looks forward to from their freshman year. The moment where you can finally bully the freshman instead of being the freshman getting bullied.  The moment when you’ve finally made it through dealing with all the dress code rules. Everyone says that your high school years go by so fast and I never believed them… until now. This school year may not be over yet, but the time has come to say thank you and goodbye to Selma High.

As a freshman I didn’t really know what to expect out of high school, the only background I could go off of were movies I had watched… obviously not the same thing. Throughout my freshman year, even through sophomore year, finding the right group of friends, as well as the person I wanted to be, was a major struggle. Personal struggles like this are a part of life, but letting them interfere with your academics like I did is what the real struggle was. It’s crazy to think that my high school experiences have shaped me into the person I am today.  

Leaving Selma High and facing reality used to be a scary thing for me, but now there’s nothing I’d rather do. Although senior year comes with its benefits such as Senior Ditch Day, Grad Night, Senior Sunrise, etc., there is a lot of stress when it comes to mentality and motivation. Senioritis is REAL, whether it’s being with sports or academics, the fight for motivation is constantly growing as well as the ease of procrastination. 

To this day I am greatly thankful for the opportunities and experiences high school has given me. Starting with my friends, who over the years I have grown closer and closer to, to my relationships that transpire even now, I am forever grateful for the person they have helped me develop into. Through high school, classmates have turned into friends, friends have turned into family, and experiences into heartfelt memories. 

My message to all the other classes, find who you want to be instead of what others want you to be. Your own happiness will allow you to thrive. High school is all about opinions, but once you learn to not care about anyone but your own, you’ll be better all together as an individual. Lastly remember that high school only comes once so take those risks. Tell the people you love that you love them, get yourself involved in new things that might be out of your comfort zone, and most importantly… HAVE FUN, because chances are you might never see the people in high school ever again. 

It is true that there is nothing quite like high school.