There’s A New Bear On Campus

Masielle Pantoja, Reporter/ Social Media Editor

Ms. Foss is joining the Selma High Community and this year she is part of the English faculty as the Independent Study Program teacher.

Here is a fun fact about her. She loves camping and road tripping. In fact, she has an R.V. which she uses for exploring different parts of the world. She even spent three weeks this summer road tripping and camping across six different states! That included visiting a couple national parks such as Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and more. 

“If I have spare time, then my favorite thing to do is go camping and spend time outside,” Ms. Foss stated.

Ms. Foss loves and enjoys teaching. It all started when she went to junior college at MJC, Modesto Junior College. She had an English teacher who guided her when she needed it and had high expectations.

“He really challenged me to do better,” Ms. Foss explained.

She was most proud of the work she did in his class.

“I thought, well maybe I can make others feel this way,” Ms. Foss stated.

This encouraged and interested her to go into teaching because throughout high school, she actually didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. With a helping hand and guidance, she was able to find her path and become successful with what she loves doing, teaching.

Not only does she love teaching, but she also loves the memorable parts of being a teacher. 

“The best part of my job is when I see students be proud of themselves,” Ms. Foss proudly stated.

Since Ms. Foss is a new staff member at Selma High, she has a few goals to achieve, goals for herself and her students.

“A goal that I have for myself is to still find ways to connect with my students. I want to make sure they feel connected, even though they might still be learning from home,” Ms. Foss stated.

So far, Ms. Foss enjoys being part of the Selma High community.

“Everyone that I’ve met or talked to has been really kind and helpful,” Ms. Foss said.

She is enjoying this school year and is happy to be here. Congratulations to Ms. Foss for becoming a Selma High Bear!