O’Connor Takes On High School P.E

Jorge Guzman, Reporter/Photo Editor

Being a teacher is certainly not an easy job, especially with the commotion of the last year and a half. Students and teachers being connected by only a small screen with a dozen named squares did not help at all but imagine having this happen when your job depends on being physically involved with your students. 

This is what happened to Mr. O’Connor,the new 9th grade P.E teacher here at Selma High.

He’s had previous P.E teaching experiences these past 15 years, teaching the young students of Selma’s several elementary schools. Among his personal experiences Mr. O’Connor mentioned how teaching has always been close to him. 

“There’s lots of teachers in my family and I knew it was something I could be proud of,” stated Mr. O’Connor.

For Mr. O’connor, this is his first year teaching High school P.E , so there are many new things to be excited about.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the freshmen mature and gain new skills,” expresses Mr. O’Connor.

Now with the almost constant worry of the pandemic, teaching can be pretty rough, but Mr. O’Connor is ready. 

“My ultimate goal this year is to keep everyone safe, while also being able to get to know my students,” states O’Connor.  

The new P.E teacher is working hard toward helping his students find activities they can truly appreciate and enjoy. 

 While having taught most of his career here in the Central Valley, Mr. O’Connor is a New York native sprouting from the east coast now teaching the youth of California. 

Besides school-related activities things are certainly looking up for the new P.E teacher as he is going to become a father this month.