Selma High Welcomes New Deputy Principal

Ireri Mares, Reporter/Photo Editor

Selma High welcomes Mrs. Jack as the new Deputy principal.  

Even though she’s only been at this school for a couple of months, she is loving her position here as admin. 

“I’ve always wanted to go into admin, the opportunity approached itself, I took it, and well… here we are,”  expressed Mrs. Jack.

Being around students has always been a passion. 

“I’ve always liked kids,” said, Mrs. Jack.

Throughout high school and college she babysat, volunteered with special ed, and tutored students for some extra cash, and as a child would spend her days forcing her sisters to play school with her (with her as the teacher of course).

Although Mrs Jack is a new addition to Selma High, she has been working in Selma Unified for the past 18 years. After college she was a teacher at Eric White and taught 4th grade, intervention, and then 6th grade. After this she got her Master’s in Administrations and later transferred to Jackson and taught 6th grade for the next 8 years. 

One of Mrs. Jack’s favorite part of her job is interacting with students.

“I love seeing all the kids on campus,”  stated Mrs. Jack.

One of the best parts is being able to see those students who she had in previous years.

“It’s absolutely wonderful. I think it makes them feel a bit more comfortable being able to walk in and see a familiar face. Kids will pop in and it’s crazy seeing how much they’ve changed,” conveys.  Mrs. Jack really enjoys being here. “I love the district, love the community, love the kids.”

Mrs Jack has two children of her own, one in 6th grade and another in 3rd. She loves taking the kids out on the weekends, going outside and spending time outdoors. 

“We love to go fishing. We took that up during COVID.  We had to go outside and do something,” reveals, Mrs. Jack.

These past couple years have been hard on everyone.  As a teacher, Mrs. Jack was able to see exactly how students suffered from the pandemic.

“It broke my heart seeing how kids lost their drive.” 

She understands the struggles we as students have gone through recently. 

A strong belief Mrs. Jack carries is that of extracurricular activities.  She played sports all the way through college and encourages students to “make a connection to the school. Play a sport, Join a club.” Playing sports and exercising, for Mrs Jack, has been vital.  Keeping busy, especially doing physical activities, not only helps her keep a routine and maintain a good mental health, but also helps keep good physical help.  And if you’re struggling in anything at all, Mrs. Jack advises to, “Reach out.”  

The staff at Selma High will always be here to support and help, and if you don’t know where to go or what to do, her door is always wide open.