Ask Klarissa



HELLO GUYS! Long time, no see. How was your guys’ summer? I had an interesting one… to say the least. Anyways, let’s see what you are dying to know! 


  1. Does pineapple belong on pizza? I was raised to never call food disgusting. So, I will simply call pineapple on pizza gross. 
  2. Klarissa, being on campus for the first time in such a long time has made me self conscious. Whoever sent this in, this isn’t even a question. However, I will say that I know for a fact that others feel the same way. So, just go about your business and don’t feel too pressured because, I promise you, other people are battling enough of their own battles to the point where they do not care about picking on you. 
  3. What is the most overused halloween costume? I promise I am not a hater, but I strongly feel like the sexy cop costume is overdone. 
  4. Do you like online or in-person better? I was very excited to come back on campus after one and a half years, but getting up before the sun comes up is getting old. At a certain point, I just want to sleep. 
  5. Most embarrassing thing you’ve done since in-person started? Well, speaking about me just wanting to sleep… I did fall asleep in my fifth period class just three days ago. Yes, I did get yelled at. Yes, it was embarrassing.