Moving Forward


Kimberly Arroyo, Reporter

High school was definitely not like the movies, but really became whatever you made it to be. Looking back at old pictures from freshman year made me realize how babyish my friends and I looked, yet we all wanted to grow up because of the freedom that came with it. Now that I’ve gotten a glimpse of young adulthood, all I want to be is the little girl with long hair in grade school. I kid you not when people say high school goes by fast, IT REALLY DOES! THEY’RE NOT KIDDING. It’s weird to think about because the weeks felt like years and the years feel like days now.  

I’m not ready to leave behind seeing my friends at school everyday. I’m so grateful for them and their own chaotic personalities that made me feel a little more normal, but mostly made me feel at home while on the go. I’ll miss spending my entire days with them, LITERALLY. Waking up in the morning and going into the same classes all day to waiting out in the freezing cold to go home after soccer games. Freezing cold sounds aggressive but we would literally FREEZE, despite it all we always found something dumb to do to  pass time. Those dumb things have become so heartfelt to me as they become memories with the people I love most.

High school has made me realize that we are only observing our situations and emotions, but we ultimately decide how we act on it. The way someone perceives difficult situations and how they act on them makes all the difference in how things will play out. Being pessimistic and mourning on something that seems so insignificant like a grade won’t make it better.

I don’t remember the material from my freshman biology class or really any of the material that 

isn’t being immediately taught which should be concerning, but now ready to graduate it doesn’t all seem so significant anymore. It’s important to remember that grades and tests aren’t everything, they’re important but it isn’t something to lose sleep over. If I could go back in time I’d tell myself to stop mourning over test scores or a grade, all you can do is try harder next time and keep on moving. The most important part is to get over it and keep moving forward because the assignments won’t wait up. 

Lastly, obsessing and stressing over everything really isn’t necessary. In the end things always seem to work themselves out and if something is really meant to be it will be.