Little Corners of the Universe


Isabella Porras, Reporter

Soon, I will have walked the halls I’ve paced the last four years for the last time. We’ve spent an average of 40 hours a week at Selma High, and have found the spaces that welcome each of us, and will forever have a piece of our hearts. For me, these places accumulated into a collection of my little corners of the universe. 

An ode to the pavement behind the 2200 wing, outlooking the football practice field, where my friends and I would sit, waiting for the bell that signified the end of “second chance breakfast” (which we never ate). Running into the open space with cotton ball clouds overhead felt something like a postcard, and we could never get enough. It was the origin of countless inside jokes and shoe scuffs, my soles permanently affected. I will forever remember the peace we felt there.

Next, a love letter to the band room library, where I spent an extra hour every day after class for 2 years. Most of this time was spent with my best friend, in quiet moments, filled with the weight of our lives as sophomores taking (and despising) AP european history. With the lights turned off we would dance around the 5×3 foot closet, relishing each other’s company and friendship. Our safe space could never be intruded upon, even now. 

Sadly, the UCSF Doctors Academy at SHS was defunded amidst the pandemic, but the three years spent in Ms. Loucks’s classroom stay nestled amongst my fondest memories. Being an all female class, save one boy, made room 606 a space of solidarity, respect, and compassion. I grew into my womanhood in that classroom, among many other incredibly strong young people. I thank Ms. Loucks for letting us eat ramen every morning, for always lending us her ear, and for believing in us the most. 

Lastly, to room 1505, the very class in which this publication is produced. I remember all the days where the cloud wallpaper was the last thing I saw before resting my eyes for the lunch hour. Every conversation was intellectualized in one way or another, with Mr. Castle’s guidance through it all. Lifelong friendships have been fostered in that space, some mine, but others from the past you can just feel, sticking to the walls like our magnet haikus, and the 10 commandments of english, always spoken with conviction. 

These corners of the world have become the time capsules of my highschool years. They hold my pain, joy, triumph, and defeat. Wherever I go after this, I find comfort in the fact that these places will all be there for me should I need the refuge. I can remember the good times, and the things I did to get past the hard times. Written in the walls are the stories of friendship and love that have made me the person I am today. I thank Selma High for giving me the opportunity to experience life in these spaces, and for the people within them for making it worthwhile. Peace out.