Time For a New Adventure


Pamela Hernandez, Reporter

What really is the definition of a senior reflection? I’ve questioned myself more than once about this, and to be honest there are more than a million answers. Well here goes my answer.
Dear Selma High,  you have been more than a wild ride. Being a part of this school has endured the most stress, but also the most beautiful memories. If there was any way in life that I would have to redo highschool, I would take the opportunity. Maybe I’m weird for that but it’s the honest truth. There are so many things in high school that I wish I could’ve been more outgoing to do. 

As a young freshman, I had a straight plan that I would do the most to stay in with the cool kids and make a great impression. As a senior now I realize that being “cool” really isn’t cool. Being grateful for what you have around you along with your true friends is what really motivates you through high school. 

Throughout my years here, I was beyond blessed to have such amazing teachers along the way who put the most stress (also frustration) on me because it was always said that the things we are learning will truly come in handy in the future. I more than appreciate everything that has endured because it helped me build a tough skin along with helping me grow as a person that hopes to give back one day. 

I would also love to thank my friends who always pushed me and loved me the way friends should love one another. A huge thank you would be towards my father. Thank you for sacrificing so much for me because I promise, it’s never unnoticed. Ever since a young girl you have always been there for me every single step of the way, including my ballet recitals and cheer. Now as I look forward, I plan to take everything that was ever learned in my four years of high school and continue to improve myself as a person. 

“Once a Bear, always a Bear.” Peace out Selma High!