Graduation: A Reflection on the Journey


Veronica Botros, Reporter

Four years have zoomed by. We were curious freshmen just a few years back, wondering what the following four years would entail. We were all starting from the ground up: new school, new people, new stresses, new possibilities, and personal growth. 

As sophomores, we had made some friends, made some memories, and were beginning to feel confined by the limitations of high school. It seemed like it would go on forever!

Then there was junior year, the first year as upperclassmen. We’d all made some memories and experiences, failed some tests, and grown to despise the SAT by this point. It was the year that some of us began to show signs of senioritis for the first time. Most of us simply wanted to graduate from high school and begin our college careers. 

Senior year, on the other hand, came along. And it’s strange to look at our freshmen selves and ponder how truly young we were four years ago. It’s further stranger that we’ve all started applying to colleges at this point. It began to really hit when we all began committing to colleges and congratulating one another.

Soon, after a difficult day, there will be no going home to lament about life to your parents. There will be no calling a best friend and hanging together in the spur of the moment. And, more than likely, depending on public transit or sharing a small space with someone we hardly know. 

There’s a lot to learn and anticipate, from making new friends to figuring out our future. The best is yet to come, after all. But, for the time being, we should strive to live in the present. These remaining few days will be over before we know it.