I, Anahi Soto, will my younger cousin Kimberly Soto my pink hair brush, my love for victorious secret perfume, and my tardy slips. I will Dash Pandher my sad Spotify playlists (which slowly over time turned into her music), and my last two brain cells for her future adventures at UCLA. I will Arthur Fuentes the bombers spaghetti in the world and my napping blanket. I will my little brother Karold Soto the last two dollars in my purse so he can buy a cup of noodles and a bag a chips like I did most of high school.


I, Julianna Colado, will some of the most special memories and moments to the people that brought me endless happiness throughout highschool. Abi Baker, I will you lane #2 of the pool and a friendship of sisterhood. Swimming led us to be best friends and you are the reason why I’ve loved every second of it. Nico Colado, I will you the best outfits every morning that almost had us running late to school everyday, and the best memories to come for the rest of highschool. Chloe Mendoza, I will give you the craziest hair transformations that changed as we changed. Ashneet Gill, I will you the best carides to football games and the nights we cried after arguing like sisters. Pamela Hernandez, I will you our glow ups from middle school and the loyalty you’ve shown me throughout our friendship. Brooke Machado, I will you our crazy eventful team nights and late night Dutch runs. Jashan Gill, I will you the cringey nickname of Fishy and our restroom tiktoks. Coach, I will you Superior Dairy and the best guidance I’ve had. Mr. Castle, I will you a jalapeno artichoke dip and the open-mindedness of room 1505.


I, Chloe Mendoza, will these pieces of my soul to the people that so dearly enriched my life. Bella Porras, I will you 6th period naps, Raphael’s School of Athens, and NYT’s Modern Love. Thank you for being my person. Lily Garcia, I will you taquaches and diving board aerials. Sarah Mitchell, I will you the unconditional love and kindness you always extended to me. Julie Colado, I will you cringy middle school selfies and bike rides to Crazy Fruta. Ashneet Gill, I will you screaming sessions in parking lots and memories of unwavering support. Dash Pandher, I will you our secret tennis language and a friendship that made me a better person. I will Oriana Espiritu Crash Landing On You and Vincenzo. Suzie Correa, I will you She-ra, the strength to find yourself, and all my love. Sakshi Palav, I will you The Fashion Column and good luck for the rest of high school! Ms. Loving, I will you student speaker contests, bouquets of flowers, and a big hug for being my school mom. I will Ms. Sultenfuss male rage jokes and the word excellent. Lastly, I will Mr. Castle my Kung Fu Panda analysis and all my gratitude.


I, Nazish S. Iftiaz, Will my senior memories to the following people. To Abigail Telas, I Will you the hundreds of videos and pictures taken in 5th period leadership; the countless memories we made while messing around with Aaron Moreno; the stories shared between the entire class. To Miguel Ordaz, I Will you the many times I teased you as your “older sis.” You’re the younger brother I never had and I’m extremely grateful for you. I Will you both a pleasant rest of your high school years before you begin the next chapter of life. Don’t ever forget to cherish your high school years with love and joy. Take every memory in and look back at it constantly. Those are the best ones yet; the ones that you can admire many years later like as if it were the day before. Thank you for being the reason of my laughter during high school!


As the last four years come to an end I, Isabella Porras, will the following to those who’ve impacted my life so immensely. Chloe Mendoza, I will you car rides home, ladybugs, and a lifetime of fantasy fiction series. You’ve brought so much light into my life. Adriana Rubio, I will you band library sessions, laughs that make your side ache, and rosebowl d-1. I love you endlessly. Emma Porras, I will you determination and impromptu phone calls home. Oriana Espiritu, I will you kdramas and love-taps. I will Juliana Ramirez my appreciation and twitter drafts. Dashrit Pandher, I will you Women’s Marches and an endless kahoot leaderboard high. To Sydney (skid) Harrell, I will you sunshine, for a taste of your own essence. To the (would be) Doctors Academy class of 2021 I will you morning ramen, love for Ms. Loucks, and immeasurable success. To Jeter I will long naps in the sun, infinite treats, and a long happy life. Mattea Garza, I will you baby pictures and a million hugs. And to Mr. Castle I will that one sticky note™, hot chocolate during class, and never-ending thanks. I am indebted to you in more ways than you know.


I, Ashneet Gill, will the following people some of the greatest high school experiences. To Avnique Gill, my sister, I will these next four years of your life to be unforgettable and filled with happiness and growth. To Karanvir Gill, I will you to take care of my little sister(lol) and get fat. To Exodus and Landen, I will you both an amazing senior year, enjoy every second of it! Ex, I also will you the duty of Senior Class President, you’re going to do great thing! To Naomi and Abi, I will you the funnest times ever! I will all of my leadership friends to put on fun events for the school and I will all of the underclassmen to enjoy their high school experience to the fullest!


I, Jewel Allen, will my memories of fun times and odd jokes and lots of love and support to Dani Aragon. I will early morning drives to fair and lots of laughs and fun with Calvert to my swine show team. I will our awesomeness in tree pruning to my tree pruning team and Mrs. Chambers. I will all of the craziness of dealing with too many things at once but succeeding and laughing about it later to Mrs. Mendes. I will our amazing memories and silliness in Indianapolis to Kendall Hinton. I will all of my love and gratefulness to my dear friends who have been with me through everything. And I will great success and bright futures to my fellow FFA seniors and friends, especially my favorite people Lucy Freeman and Abigail Munoz.


I, Dashrit Pandher (Dash), will the boy’s tennis team the ability to stop saying “sheeeee”. It was funny the first couple of times, but around the 100th time, it got annoying; I’m talking to you Anthony. I will to Owen Wenter my broken wrist, you have to keep the tradition of a messed up number one alive. I will Arthur Fuentes and Suzie Correa, my ability to annoy David, make him suffer. I also will Suzie the ability not to scream at practice, and sound like a dying pterodactyl. I will Emily Leanos, my absolutely amazing leadership abilities, and the front seat in the vans on the way to games. It’s the primo seat: all air conditioning, and aux control. I will Anahi Soto, the ability to talk to strangers in public. I will Chloe Mendoza, my amazing lateral movements, goodness knows you need that, and the memories of all of our games where we couldn’t be bothered to be serious. I will Bella Porras, my exceptional driving skills and math skills. I will Amiannah Martinez, a license, my spontaneousness, and my ability to stand up to others. I will Daniel Ayala, the ability to smile. Seriously dude, smile.