Surrounded by Art


Illustraiton by Rita Perez

Adriana Rubio, Reporter

Art is a mutual space; it’s an expression of allowing people to understand the words we can’t say verbally. It impacts our lives in ways that are beyond description- and for artists like Rita Perez, it’s a form of “freedom.” 

Perez has shadowed her father from a young age as he found communication and bonding through drawing. She mentions that her creativity and passion for art stems directly from Disney characters and cartoons, as she sat criss-crossed on the carpet, eyes lit from the TV screen. 

“My imagination and expression has only grown over time, as I went from a pencil and paper to sketchbooks and canvases,” Perez states. 

The young artist also expresses that as her stylistic choices in her art have evolved throughout the years, the decisions in her life were always alongside it. Perez’s maturity in art technique expanded as she experienced and learned more throughout her youth. 

“It wasn’t until middle school that I started progressing into more realistic art,” Perez shares. “Ever since then, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of realism, abstract paintings and multicolored art.” 

Perez agrees that art has influenced her life in numerous ways. She points out that conveying emotions has been the most noticeable development in her capabilities as she communicated with people and began to be more in touch with herself. 

“Being surrounded by the pieces I’ve made is unexplainable,” added Perez. “It allows me to deal with my emotions and express them when I don’t have the words to. It’s a sense of ‘freedom.’ Art is everywhere.” 

It would be difficult to say just how much art influences our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. It means something different to everyone. To allow art to impact our lives is as alleviating as finding the right words to say.