My Top 8 Favorite Sounds


Sydney Harrell, Reporter

Noises: the world seems to have a lot of them.

Okay, that’s quite the understatement, but every hour of every day, humans are surrounded by sound. We use it to communicate, observe, and navigate our surroundings, and there are quite a few sounds that really are music to my ears. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite noises: 


  • Popping open a soda can:

There’s really something about the pop and fizz of opening a cold can of soda can that’s extremely satisfying. Sure, the taste of a cold drink on a summer day will quench your thirst, but the crisp noise of the tab releasing the carbonation can’t be beat. Whether you’re by yourself or cracking open a cold one with friends, this snappy noise is synonymous with refreshment.


  • Rain:

Picture this: it’s a quiet, fall evening, and as you settle in to watch a cozy movie, or maybe pick up a book, you can hear the faint patter of rainfall as it hits your window. I’ve always associated the sound of rain with comfort and relaxation, and it makes sense why so many listen to rain sounds to help them drift off to sleep. The repetitive taps of water against our homes comfort us, and it’s always lovely to listen while sipping on a mug of your favorite warm drink.


  • High heels clicking on tile: 

High heels in themselves already possess the power to make anyone feel powerful and elegant, but listening to my shoes clack as I walk across a room has always given me an air of confidence. It’s easy to imagine yourself as a businessperson in a hurry to some important meeting, or as a fashion icon setting all the current trends when you hear the clicking of your heels echo around yourself. 


  •  Crackling fire:

Summer or winter, warm or cold, the sound of a roaring fire is a merry one. Not only is it pleasing to the ear and repetitive (humans tend to love noises that repeat), but it also is often reminiscent of spending time with loved ones. The warmth both emanating from the blaze and of the hearty company around you accompanies this sound, giving it a jovial feeling associated with it.


  • Shaking laminated paper:

Hey, can you blame me? This noise never fails to make me laugh. *Wibble Wibble Wibble Wibble*


  • Laughter: 

I strongly believe that absolutely no one has a bad laugh. They’re our sounds of amusement, instinctual noises humans make to communicate “hey, I feel pretty happy right now!” and allow us to connect with one another. Everyone’s laugh, no matter who, is musical and joyous in their own unique way, which is why I think it’s such a beautiful sound.


  • My dog’s paws:

I may be a little biased here, but the sound my dog’s paws make when he walks on our tiled floors is one of the best sounds ever. He’s a small dog, only about 7 pounds, so his footsteps are very light. Whenever I call him, I get to hear the tip-tap of his feet hitting the floor as he walks towards my room, and I often smile because it’s such a silly, yet comforting, sound for me.


  • Wind chimes:

I’m almost 100% sure this sound’s place as a favorite of mine is directly because of my childhood. While playing outside, wind chimes could always be heard tinkling in the breeze through my neighborhood, creating a bit of their own music as they swayed. I always felt so happy and whimsical when the sounds of these chimes floated through the air, and even as I’ve gotten older, the feeling they give me has stayed the same!