The Cat In The Hat—I’ll Tell You About That

Yasmine Awad, Reporter

Growing up I had one movie that I would constantly play over and over again. This movie was The Cat In The Hat. At first, my younger self was mesmerized by a giant cat who took over a household just so the children living there would experience excitement. 

Every year, I go back and watch the movie at least once in the year to get the feeling of nostalgia. 

However, I started to notice more and more a deeper level of the movie. It wasn’t just a movie that was meaningless. Rather, it was a movie that shaped my childhood on the idea of individuality. 

The cat having an extremely personal personality he portrays he isn’t himself, wants to bring out the importance of individuality. In the movie, the children are set in a strict household having to conceal their childlike personalities.The cat in the hat tries to fix their bland personalities by helping them let out their individuality. As the story line goes along with each minute, the movie holds significant character development with all the characters. 

As a kid, this movie made me make sure to not hold myself back and have fun, along with being true to myself. Besides from what the movie molded me into as a young child, the movie brought me joy. The children who were around my age when I started watching the movie felt not just happiness, but euphoria. Those moments will always bring back memories. In those moments of euphoria you forget of the injustice of this world. 

This was the first movie I had ever watched that suggested the importance of individuality to me. 

I didn’t comprehend this idea until I became older, from trying to find your identity growing up, to the struggles of being in high school and putting a sense of a facade on. 

Coming into the present day, as a 19 year old I learned that there is nothing wrong with letting loose and having fun, as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or people around you. There is no need of hiding the person you truly are just to please others around you. Maturity is an asset we are all taught to have, however, it is fun to let go once in a while feeling the nostalgia of being your younger self.