The Top Five Songs Victorious Gave Us

Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

In recent years the Nickelodeon t.v. show, Victorious, has become a cultural phenomenon. Granted, the writing and abstract plotlines may not have been Oscar worthy, but the music it delivered will continue to be cherished. Based on a rigorous scale of energy emission, performance, and catchiness, here are the top 5 songs from Victorious. 


  1. “Give it Up” by Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies 

How could this song be anywhere but number one? Grande and Gillies’ iconic performance gave fans a bop so timeless that Ariana and Liz even sang it live on the Sweetner World Tour. If you haven’t sang this song at the top of your lungs, please go do so.

Best line: “It’s the same old story but you never get it right, Give it up”


  1. “Freak the Freak Out” By Victoria Justice 

In the same episode that gave us “Give it Up” we get “Freak the Freak Out”. Everytime this song plays, I can’t help but mimic Tori’s microphone grab and become an A list performer. 

Best Line: “I’m so sick of it, You’re attention deficit”


  1. “Begging on Your Knees” by Victoria Justice

I vividly remember watching this episode premier and being in awe of this performance. This song about avenging the wrongs a cheating partner committed can have anybody singing along in seconds. 

Best Line: “You mess with me, And mess with her, So i’ll make sure you get what you deserve”


  1. “Take a Hint” by Victoria Justice and Liz Gillies

This duet was empowering, intimidating, and slightly vengeful. The death stares Liz Gillies’ character gives while performing this song makes the entire performance. 

Best Line: “You had me at hello, Then you opened up your mouth, And that is when it started goin’ south”


  1. “Song 2 You” by Leon Thomas III and Victoria Justice

Leon Thomas III is the most underrated Victorious cast member. He is personally responsible for writing a variety of the show’s songs as well as those of mainstream artists. 

Best Line: “I’ll give my song, these words, to you baby” 


Honorable Mentions: “Make it Shine,” “Best Friends Brother,” “You Don’t Know me,” and “You’re the Reason”