The Cave Picnic


Jayden Barnes, Reporter

Welcome back to the fiction corner! This issue has quite the story in line, yet it isn’t the start of these two lovebirds. Tune in to the next issue to learn more about these fascinating characters, and enjoy!

“So how often do you come down here, Kieran?” she asked as they strolled through the leaf-covered path. The wind blew softly as more leaves fell gracefully down from their branches, some catching on their clothes. 

“I’d say only a few times from my childhood, but trust me, this place will be perfect!” he exclaimed, trying his best to contain his excitement. Their hands were perfectly folded with each other, like a jigsaw puzzle that was flawlessly made. Kieran slowly sped up their pacing, guiding her down the beaten path, reaching a tall wall of stone and ivy. He stood triumphantly and bowed before her, motioning her to walk towards the wall.

“What am I supposed to do here, phase through rock?” She jokingly asked, looking around the forest. The surrounding trees had the same ivy wrapped around them, growing bright red flowers from the buds. He stood up, going over to the ivy. 

“Well, just as the new king came into power, I found this little spot. The vines had grown a little bit longer, but I think that makes it even more mysterious!”

He turned towards her, walking back into the wall of ivy and being consumed by the lush tendrils.

“Kieran!” she exclaimed, her worry increasing as she cautiously walked towards the wall. She almost flew back as a hand quickly dashed out, holding itself out, waiting to be taken. A chuckle could be heard behind this cover moss-colored vines, and Camilla laughed. She softly placed her hand in his, quickly being pulled through. The small tunnel was dark, yet lit with soft candles placed on handmade ledges. The path was lined with pedals of the flowers from outside, guiding the couple to the bright outing on the other side. Camilla gasped as she walked down the tunnel, covering her eyes to help adjust them to the sun beaming down on the soft grass and trickling river. It seemed this small depression in the earth that was on the other end of the tunnel had caused a small river to flow through it, having its own mini waterfall and creating life here once more.

“Kieran… I can’t believe it! This place is beyond words…” She was in awe of the amount of flora surrounding them, too infatuated by it that she didn’t notice the small blanket placed in front of her.

“Taa-Daa!” Kieran said as he pulled out a small lantern and picnic basket from behind a rock. Camilla giggled, holding out her hand as she sat down on the blanket and began to set the dishes. Kieran sat down next to her, lighting a few candles from the lantern he had brought, and exclaimed, “We have now officially started our date!”