‘Drivers License’ Catches Hearts Of Teenagers Everywhere

Pamela Hernandez, Reporter

A young 17-year-old teenager named Olivia Rodrigo has let out a phenomenal song that everyone is dying to hear. Her song “Driver’s License” has released all over the country and has hit #1 almost everywhere in the world. This stunning song has been constantly repeating in many teenagers’ minds these days and is also becoming a popular trend on a huge platform named “Tik Tok.” Tik Tok has grown over time and it was shown when “Drivers License” was released many people posted their reactions to the music video. There was also a trend where girls scream their hearts out to this amazing song. “Driver’s License” is also rumored to be “shading,” Olivia’s former ex named Joshua Basset. This set the bar high. Some intel on this story is that Olivia’s “crush” Joshua Basset left Olivia behind for Sabrina Carpenter who is “blonde.” The important manner is that Olivia states in her song, “And you’re probably with that blonde girl, who always made me doubt.” This shocked a lot of her fans because they all knew exactly who she was singing about. 

Many teenagers replay this song on a daily basis, but how do they feel about this song?

“Drivers license is a bop. I blast in my car the most I can and get in my feels for no reason,” says senior Ashneet Gill. 

This song has seemed to be a teenager’s heartbreak song that does get teens in their “feelings.” Many teenagers actually shed some tears, for this song is so heartbreaking, and because of what happened to Olivia Rodrigo as well. On the other hand, some listen to this song just for joy and for being very lyrical too.

“I really enjoy the heartfelt lyrics and emotions through the song,” says senior Lily Garcia.

Personally, this song is very lyrical and does hit a special part in my heart that does make me feel emotional. This song has been on repeat in my car and in my head. It’s just so stunning. Olivia Rodrigo’s song has been #1 on Apple music for weeks and is getting the views along with the love that this song deserves. We are proud of our Olivia Rodrigo!