Bears On Campus

Julianna Colado, Co-Sports Editor

Question:  “What’s your most embarrassing Zoom moment?”



Jaden Mora: “I was in 4th period and I had my mic on without knowing and I had to fart so I just let it out and it was louder than I expected it to be and luckily no one reacted but I’m sure some people heard it.”

Emily Pallesi: “When my Spanish teacher didn’t warn us that our mics would be on when we entered class and my sister and I were singing really loud.”



Marissa Vasquez: “When I didn’t know my camera was still on and I was eating all loud in fifth period.” 

Alberto Vera: “I was asleep in class and when my teacher called on me and the first thing I said was the number 7 and she responded by reminding me we were in English class.”



Josh Salazar: “I was in Mrs. Ramming’s class and my dad was yelling at me for leaving my clothes in the shower and my entire class heard and was laughing at me.”

Naomi Vaca: “For attendance, we had to write our full names in the chat and instead of putting Naomi Vaca, I put Naomi Caca so now everytime I join my class, my teacher calls me Naomi Caca.”



Todd Weaver: “One time I was using the restroom during class and didn’t know my mic was on and the teacher reminded me to wash my hands once I finished.”

Ashneet Gill: “I was picking up my brother from school and I was blasting music in my car and singing, and Mrs. Pena was like, ‘Ashneet are you having a party over there or what’ and I was so embarrassed.”