Embarrassing Moments I’ve Literally Inflicted On Myself


Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

As much as I would like to think that I am a calm and collected individual, I really am not. I’m a pretty embarrassing person. From falling into a mud puddle in front of a group of seniors to dropping my home lunch of rice and spinach on the floor in the middle of the cafeteria, I’ve done it all. 

However, as much as you might be amazed at my ability to make even the most impossible embarrassment scenarios a reality, I’m here to amaze you even more. I, somehow, found a way to be awkward on Zoom as well. Cue the applause. 

When we first started doing Zoom classes, I thought that it would definitely lessen, heck, eliminate my chances of embarrassment. Alas, being non-awkward is not written in my stars. 

I’m not going to make you sit here and read every single, beyond embarrassing event I’ve experienced over our one year on Zoom. Here are some fan favorites though. 

Okay, I’m pretty sure this one was when we came back from Thanksgiving break this school year. I was struggling, to say the least, in my physics class and had decided to ask my teacher if he could explain the lesson to me once more because it was just not going through my head. HOWEVER, when I went to go speak, I called the infamous Mr. Mitchell, the physics teacher, Mr. Johnson. Cue the embarrassment. He not only laughed, but he GASPED in shock, and the whole class was still on the Zoom. I have never felt more stupid in my life. Rest assured, I did leave the Zoom right away, 20 minutes early. 

Another fan favorite—and by fan I mean my four friends that I tell these occurrences to right after they happen to me—is one I still have not recovered from. This one was literally last week. I think it’s the most embarrassing one yet. I was in one of my classes—not saying which one in case they read this and laugh at me more—changing the backgrounds on zoom. We all have to have our cameras on, so I was just messing around to see the cool green screens I can do. And, get this, IT CHANGES THE SCREENS FOR EVERYONE. Everyone saw that it was me, Sakshi, changing the screens to galaxy mode to the Hannah Montana backstage to the McDonalds old playground setup. THE MCDONALDS PLAYGROUND SETUP. That was so embarrassing. Oh my goodness. Needless to say, I have not logged back into that class for a whole week now, still going strong. 

Hopefully you all got a little embarrassment inspiration from this. Stay safe and stay awkward. 


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