My 6 Favorite Netflix Shows: Ranked

Kimberly Arroyo, Reporter

Avatar The Last Airbender

Growing up I was never interested in the show solely because my sister watched it, but now that I’m a little older and we’re in quarantine, I finally did. All I can say is that I’ve rewatched it 3 times since the first time, and that statement alone should explain my love for the show. The show starts off with the fire nation overtaking the world, when Aang the Avatar resurfaces. He and his friends start a journey so Anang can master the 4 elements, all in an effort to defeat the fire lord and save the world. 10/10


Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries takes place in a town called Mystic Falls. It’s about these two brothers, Stefan and Damon, who are vampires and they are competing for Elena Gilbert. Her parents had died in a car accident so her Aunt Jenna takes care of her brother Jeremey and her. Stefan and Elena start dating and then a couple of seasons later, Elena starts to gain feelings for Damon. Elena has two best friends, Bonnie and Caroline. Bonnie is a witch and Caroline turns into a vampire by Damon. Within the show, there are many secrets that are unveiled. Elena has a doppleganger named Katherine. Damon and Elena end up together at the end, but Stefan dies. At the end of the show, Katherine has to go or else she’ll ruin their lives so Stefan decides to go with her so his brother and Elena can have a life together. 

This show is a very good show and did I forget, the brothers are handsome! It is spooky and interesting. I highly recommend watching the Vampire Diaries. 10/10


All American

All American is based on a true story about a football player who was recruited to Beverly Hills High from South Los Angeles High School. Spencer struggles to fit in with rich kids because he comes from a family that doesn’t have that much money at all. His mom is a single mom who provides him and his brother. He lives at the coach’s house and soon reveals that his mom and coach had an affair before his younger brother was born. Back home, his best friend is involved with people who aren’t good influences and it affects him because he is worried and her and his family. A lot of stuff starts to happen in his life and he just goes on day by day. This show is a great show for teens to watch. 9/10  


Big Mouth

This Netflix original is animated with adult commentary, but it holds some insightful references. It’s about middle school students going through puberty and quote on quote “going through changes” from the theme song. You can get a good laugh out of the show, while it relates to how awkward and how taboo the topic of puberty can be. It makes fun of the transition of being a  preteen to a teenager, and can be a real icebreaker about this 

awkward transition because it is quite exaggerated. 9/10


Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is about these privileged kids who go to private schools and they get away with many things. Someone watches their every move and posts it online on a blog called “gossip girl.” The perspective of this show is that the gossip girl just follows the kids on the upper east side and exposes them for the things they do. The show is wonderful, but there are some things that I didn’t like and that should have been different like who Serena Van Der Woodsen married. 8/10


The Good Place

This series is about what allegedly happens in the afterlife. Humans are given points while also losing points based on their actions during their time on earth. When we die, these points are used as a basis to decide where we’re placed. Only the people with the highest scores go to the “Good Place”, while the rest go to the “Bad Place”. One of the main characters, Ellenor Shellstop, dies and goes to the good place where she knows she doesn’t belong. She finds out it was a mistake and begins to impersonate the “Other Ellenor” whose spot she took in the good place. There are many twists and turns in the plot, so I’d rather not spoil it. 7/10