Bears On Campus

Victoria Quintana, Kaleidoscope Editor

Question: “If the Thanksgiving turkey had a name, what would it be and why?”




Elena Loutherback: “I would say Tom the Turkey because it would be a cute name.”


Bryce Sarente: “If the Thanksgiving turkey had a name, it would be named Tucker the Turkey. The reason its name would be Tucker is because you tuck all of the stuffing inside it.”






Naomi Vaca: “Tender the Turkey because when I ate a turkey, it had those tendery legs.”


Landen Davis: “Toby the Turkey because it flows pretty good.”




Samantha Lopez: “If the Thanksgiving turkey had a name, I would name it leftovers because he stays around our house for about a week, till he’s all gone.”


Devin Athwal: “I’d say Mike the Turkey because Mike is fun.”




Hannah Rodriguez: “I feel like if the Thanksgiving turkey would have a name, it would be Tom. I feel like it would just be an easy name to remember, Tom the Turkey.”



Logan Mckracken: “The name would be Ronald because turkeys ‘run around’ kinda like the name Ron-ald.”




Mrs. Ramming: I would name my Thanksgiving turkey ‘Pete’ after the ‘Pete the Perky Turkey’ book that my kids wanted to read every night before bed last year. It is a fun book to read… the first 10 times!”


Mr. Norman: “‘Jake McStuffins’ because well ‘Jake’ reminds me of a troublemaker in a children’s book I read to my children & wild turkeys can be a nuisance…. and his last name ‘McStuffins’ reminds me of the ‘name the boat’ votes

 that happened a couple years ago where people named a multimillion dollar boat ‘Boatie McBoatface’ …. and that was just ridiculous.”