Martin Ceja Works for His Future

Victoria Quintana, Kaleidoscope Editor

Selma High is filled with hard working students. However, their efforts don’t always apply to schoolwork alone, but also to work outside of school. Martin Ceja is one of these SHS students who has a job.

Ceja currently works at the Selma McDonald’s and has had this job for about five months. His initial motivation was to just make money, but now he wants to save for the future.  The pandemic has caused many people to either take up a hobby or do something creative with their free time, so why not try to make some money too? When asked, he said he enjoys his job.

“It gives me something to do during this pandemic and a chance to start saving money,” Ceja replied.

Having a job as a high school student can be a little daunting at first, but Ceja says that it has taught him how to be more vocal, social, and how to manage an income. He also encourages other students to get a job while they’re in high school because it has many benefits.

“I would encourage other students to try to find a job because other than money, it gives you work experience and skills,” Ceja explained.

Learning how to manage money at a young age prepares students for future jobs and can teach them responsibility. Being more vocal and social is also a very important strength to have because it can prepare students for job interviews and good customer service. Learning these skills at a young age are helpful for the future because when high school students get a job as an adult, they will already be familiar with the basic skills it requires. 

Looking into the future, Ceja’s plans aren’t limited to working at McDonald’s.

The job I want in the future is to be a teacher mainly in elementary,” Ceja stated.

Even though working at McDonald’s and being a teacher are two very different jobs, the experience Ceja is gaining now is preparing him for the responsibility of having a job as an adult and giving him the skills he needs for his future.