In Quarantine, With the Bad Comes the Good

Yasmine Awad, Reporter

The known global pandemic has caused an uproar on the whole world. This pandemic is known to be negative and has many dark sides. From the basics of being home cooped up all day, to losses of jobs, sickness and death, to school closing, quarantine hasn’t been the brightest. However, quarantine has brought many people the time to rekindle who they are.

New opportunities allow for expanded self reflection with the free time given. 

“With quarantine, as much as I hated it, it really made me start to have some self love,” says Selma High senior Oriana Espiritu. “I was alone so much that I could finally do somethings for myself without being worried about school and extracurriculars.” 

The time we gained from this ongoing pandemic has been valuable. Before people had a daily routine of school, work, then other activities. People also focused on the social world such as going to concerts, birthdays, and parties, and people never had time to sit alone and reflect. With all these focuses cancelled, being cooped up at home is the only option, providing extra time for new opportunities.

“I have been able to clearly see what my life has come too as well as the lives of those around me,” states Selma High senior Aracely Guerra. “I have also been able to become a stronger version of myself physically and mentally.”

Reflecting on oneself is an opportunity many weren’t able to accomplish due to busy schedules. Quarantine brought a great deal of rethinking who and what we stand for. With the pandemic came changes, these changes are now reflecting in day-to-day life as characteristics of ourselves have changed. 

Opportunities don’t always have to be reflecting on one’s own emotions for Selma High senior Nazish Iftiaz, has been able to further progress her skills and love of digital art. 

“I’ve gotten so much time to work on pieces and further my love for it,” explains Iftiaz. “It’s all in the mindset of wanting to do what you love, and I love art!” 

Even creating an art account on instagram she shows her love and dedication to digital art. You can find Nazish’s page on instagram @artbynazish!

This year has taken a toll on many, but with hardships come better days. Being able to look at the bright side of things greatly impacts the outcome of a situation. New opportunities are always sprounting even when the situation doesn’t seem so bright. Whether the opportunities offered were physically, mentally, or emotionally it is easy to say that quarantine isn’t so bad after all.