New School Year, New Staff: Welcoming Mrs. Parker

Simran Dadra, Reporter

This school year, amidst the ongoing global pandemic and distance learning, Selma High has continued to grow its ever extending family not only with new students, but also with new staff members. One such member is Diana Parker, Selma High’s newest RSP (resource specialist program) teacher.

This year embarks Mrs. Parker’s 20th year in education. Of those 20 years, Mrs. Parker spent one year teaching at Kings Canyon Unified and 19 years at Selma Unified. Sixteen of those years were spent at Roosevelt Elementary School as an SDC ( special day class) and RSP teacher. From 2018 to 2020, Mrs. Parker was the program manager at Eric White Elementary.

“The best part about being in education is the students,” remarked Parker. 

“No matter what age or what campus, they always put a smile on my face,” she added.

As an RSP teacher, Mrs. Parker’s responsibilities differ slightly from those of other educational programs.

“My main responsibility is to work with IEP, or individualized education program, teams (parents, general education teachers, and administration) to identify areas of needs for students, develop goals based on those needs, and then provide instruction to support students in meeting those goals,” informed Parker.

“As a team, we also identify what support students might also need in their other classes so they are successful,” she added.

Apart from teaching, Mrs. Parker’s hobbies include baking, spending time with friends, reading, and home improvement projects. She is also fond of spending time with her family which includes her spouse, two sons, two dogs, and “a grouchy old cat”. As a family they enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and roller skating.

Due to unforeseen circumstances this semester, Selma High has been unable to conduct classes in person, but Mrs. Parker is hopeful that classes on campus will resume soon and she will be able to learn more about her students and fellow staff members.

Regardless of the circumstances in which school is operating, be sure to give Mrs. Parker a warm welcome!